Scientology Pays Up

Beware of this Splinter Group. A correspondent for the Village Voice, Tony Ortega, recently wrote about a long standing law suit that a former member of Scientology brought against this L. Ron Hubbard-founded organization and subsequently added a recent resolution article to the original set piece. I have added the website location so you may read this long and winding tale of subterfuge loaded with threats and innuendo and other nefarious elements.,Scientologys-Crushing-Defeat,487758,2.html/full

Known to be politically incorrect but hopefully as spiritually up front as possible and as honest as the day is long, I would like to see the shell fronts of groups like Scientology be exposed for what they really are-dangerous breeding grounds to entrap and milk the mind of its capacity to discern truth love and beauty from manipulation and control using the most sinister forms of ‘come into my parlor said the spider to the fly’ mantra. The no-money-back Scientology offer is that this dark and dangerous camouflage renegade cartel will remove all the negative input from the world at large and guarantee you ‘peace in the valley’ for life. From what survivors of these empty promises have to say under ‘so help me God’ oaths in the Courts of Law, Scientology is armed and dangerous; that its end game is to distort and destroy your ability to discern between good and evil and they do it by separating one out from family and friends who might spoil the chicanery and darkness from which they operate.