Gregg Housh, anti-Scientology protestor, issued with Bill of Particulars

The 1st of July marked another chapter in the ongoing legal case of a Boston resident, Gregg Housh, who is an innocent man facing criminal charges, simply because his name was on a permit to protest.

Tuesday finally saw the District Attorney deliver the Bill of Particulars which outlines the specific allegations made by the Church of Scientology in the case against Housh, a case that was prompted merely by his signing a permit for protest in March against the Church of Scientology, on behalf of the group known as “Anonymous”.

Housh is confident that a large amount of video footage, eyewitness accounts, testimonies and other documentation provides overwhelming evidence that he broke no laws and was entirely within his rights of both free speech and freedom to lawfully protest.

However, the simple fact that it was his name that was on the permit to protest was cause for the Church of Scientology to try to manufacture claims against Housh as a means of retribution against Anonymous.

The original case of ‘Criminal Harassment’ against Housh was filed on March the 12th and has been drawn out by a reluctance on the part of the Church of Scientology to provide information to the court, which is entirely consistent with a policy that this organization follows to entangle critics in extended legal cases, with the intention being that they exhaust their resources fighting them.

These types of delaying actions are typical of Church of Scientology’s legal team and it is also their policy to seek to influence the judiciary and local police wherever possible.

The next court date is now August the 4th 2008 and it is hoped that the evidence that Housh has amassed will be heard at this time and the case dismissed as a result.

The group Anonymous is a loosely organized collective movement, which plans to stop the abuses perpetrated by the Church of Scientology and to educate the public about the underhand methods by which it attacks critics such as Gregg Housh.