Actor Jason Lee Applies For Marriage License, But His Heart Still Belongs To Scientology

I used to love Jason Lee. Mostly for his cartoon voice work, and occasionally for his skateboarding skillz, but then, like so many celebrity whackadoodles, I found out he was a Scientologist and it all went south.

Seriously, the more I read the celeb rags and their comments sections, the more frequently I come across comments like “Wow, so and so is a Scientologist too? That sucks, I really liked such and such.”

Being associated with Scientology, the cult of choice for celebs has become a real buzz-kill these days. I guess once people discover these celebs are associated with an organization that sues the sh*t out of anyone who crosses their “Church”, or puts their most devout members into prison camps, or coerces members into having abortions is a bit much for most normal people.