Scientology’s Real Battle

The Church of Scientology’s most important fight is not with Anonymous. While this is part of the fight, it isn’t the main fight. The protests could go away, and the church’s real battle would continue.

The Church of Scientology’s key fight is not with any Scientology critic, either. Again, they are a factor, but they are only another aspect of the fight.

Even the church’s battle with web sites such as Wikileaks, Wikipedia are not the real fight.

These web sites, people and groups are all factors in the church’s ultimate fight, but the fight is much more basic than that.

The Church of Scientology is fighting Truth.

Hubbard always was a storyteller. From the beginning he wove a rather fantastic patchwork quilt with colorful patches of imagination stitched together with threads of truth. He included just enough truth to hold the whole thing together and carry it forward. It was exciting to some. It sold.

Perhaps this patchwork was as he intended, or perhaps he got carried away with his own vision and started believing his own stories. In any case, when he died, what he left the church to work with had become a bit tattered. What he had claimed for Clear and OT far outstripped what he had ever, actually been able to deliver.