Suprise Raid, East Grinstead, 29th June.

This raid was planned only a couple of days in advance on #london on It was posted on a few hours before hand. 2 London Anons headed to East Grinstead, where they hoped to meet with some Brighton Anons. They did a no show. /B/lackup arrived later in the form of two more London Anons who’d missed their train connection.

The first two, who arrived early, had a van waiting for them with a couple of scis in it filming them. When the Anons went into town to get some food, the van went on ahead, but a different van appeared at the station later. This time the scis had infiltrated the station and were trying to covertly photograph us and possibly listen in on us. Later, these scis were outed by the police while the Anons were speaking to them. One of the officers went over to ask them what they were doing. They said they were waiting for somebody, she could see they were lying, and they fucked off as soon as the Anons left. So +1 footbullet there.

On the way out the first two Anons were filmed repeatedly by a man in a blue car with a cameraphone, and had a security dude who tried to hassle them at the main entrance. There was a lot of traffic at the main entrance, but sadly bush scilon did a no show. Some epically pissed off scientologists, though. One Anon remarked he’d never been told to fuck off so many times in his life. The police asked us to move across the road, as there were only four of us and the pavement on the scilons side is technically their property right up to the edge of the road. Although it was a dianetics seminar there were a lot of very well dressed indian people going in with kids, who didn’t seem that pissed off with us- ignorant publics? Very odd. We got a good response from the locals, especially those with kids.

The walk back was uneventful, and we had very good weather. All in all a great day and some world class enturbulation. St Hill is not invulnerable, it’s an £8 trainride from London. We got more interest from locals, including some teens who were delighted to learn of the lulzcow in their midst.

TL: DR? 4 Anons sucessfully enturbulate Europes biggest sci-hive, but Scilons, in your IRC? More likely than you think.