As reported here at the time, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights had planned to hold a protest against the conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at Imperial College, London. A counter-protest was planned by Anonymous to draw attention to both the false arguments used by the CCHR and its ties to the Church of Scientology.

Further information came out today:

Earlier today I spoke to the head of Imperial College security about tomorrows counter demonstration, as nobody knew whether they or the police had been informed. He did, as he’d spoken to the police earlier today. The conversation then went roughly as follows:

Him: Well, I’ve got some good news for you. The scientologists, well, they’re not calling themselves that are they?

Me: The citizens commission for human rights.

Him: Yes, that’s them. They’ve called off the protest because another group was planning to counterprotest them

He then went on to say that when they spoke to the CCHR they claimed they were calling it off because this years conference isn’t funded by drug companies (so that’s why they’ve called it off with 24 hours notice, then?). He also said there would still be a police presence, extra security, and an area set up for them in case stragglers turned up who hadn’t been informed in time. Personally, I’m still going to swing by and check out the campus just in case. Victory picnic, anyone?

Will update again tomorrow as soon as information becomes available.

Update: It appears to be confirmed – the demonstration was called off.

Flunk for non-confront.