NIN’s New Touring Bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen A Scientologist?

Wow, the slimy tentacle-like reach of Scientology managed to ensnare yet another creative type, bassist Justin Meldal Johnsen. Here’s his Scientology course records.

I was checking over at when I discovered this thread.

Now, as anyone who knows me well (all three of you) I am a HUGE NIN’s fan, and have been a fan since Pretty Hate Machine was released back in ‘89. Trent Reznor is one of my idols, and here’s a link to the bio Eric and I did on him for our Encyclopedia of Record Producers book. I am also keenly aware of the fact the Church of Scientology is run by sinister individuals who maintain a cult-like control over the organization and mistreat members and critics alike.

I am hereby swearing to the world at large, if Trent Reznor gets sucked into Scientology by this Justin fellow, who is probably a swell, but mislead, guy — the gloves will be off.