Scientologists in Action: The True Nature of Scientology’s “Vulture Ministers”

One of the Scientology cult’s many front operations is called the “Volunteer Ministers.” Scientology delights in relentlessly producing an endless supply of “press releases” extolling the pure, selfless altruism of these heroic humanitarians, who, according to Tom Cruise, are the ONLY ones who REALLY know what to do at the scene of a disaster or emergency. Namely, to deliver “touch assists” (a sort of creepy, inappropriate massage), take down names and addresses, and give out their bizarre “Way to Happiness” pamphlet.

Human rights advocates, public health officials, and emergency personnel in nations worldwide have another name for these jet-setting opportunists. They call them “Vulture Ministers.”

One of the Vulture Ministers’ most famous public escapades was at the ruins of the World Trade Center in the days following 9/11. Legitimate mental health professionals were there, of course, to help the victims and counsel the witnesses. Meanwhile, the Vulture Ministers in their bright yellow t-shirts descended upon the scene. Scientology’s maniacal hatred of psychologists and psychiatrists is well known. True to form, the Vulture Ministers performed blocking maneuvers to prevent psychologists from doing their work.

A leaked e-mail from a Scientology leader describes the scene.

“Additionally we are trying to move in and knock the psychs out of counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100 plus people right now. Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to disperse.”

The Scientologist actually admits that at Ground Zero, he and the other Vulture Ministers obstructed the work of mental health professionals through arguments and physical intimidation. After asserting that only Scientologists know what the hell they’re doing, he goes on to disparage the ministers of various (legitimate) religions who were “working hand in hand with the psychs.”