From Ask the Scientologist:

Scientology’s Admin Tech

Hubbard obviously believed that he was an administrative wiz. He wrote thousands of administrative “Policy Letters” over the years, covering everything from the broad organization structure down to the minutiae of how to clean windows, handle your “in-basket” and how to write letters.

Each and every policy letter is supposed to be followed to the letter in every Scientology organization. That means all the churches and every business using Hubbard’s technology.

Some of the dictates from Ron are fairly obvious and seem to work well enough. But overall the result of applying all his policy letters is to cause an organization to, at best, struggle for survival and, more commonly, fail.

There are many examples of how bad this “tech” is. For instance, the whole structure is designed for extreme micro-management. It just invites every level of management to meddle in every employee’s job. However, to keep things simple, I’ll just expand on one good-sounding but hugely flawed concept.


It sounds quite good. Every job someone does has one or more statistics that count the number of products that job has produced. All the statistics are carefully graphed and actions are taken depending on whether the “stat” went up or down, and by how much.

Sounds like a lot of busy work, but doesn’t sound harmful, does it?

It is.