A recent post gave a view of the treatment of minorities, dissenters and other undesireables in a Scientologist-controlled world. With thanks to the leakers at Enturbulation, it is now possible to get a more comprehensive view of Scientology’s plan for the future through the 1962 lecture “Future Org Trends.” The lecture is available here and includes both an audio file and a transcript.

Some excerpts:

Now, Scientology would go the way of many other good things unless some thought is put upon its future. Buddhism went its way, collectively, and actually wound up enslaving people. Bum show. The East, the paralysis of the East, the fatalism of the East, and so forth, are as attributable to Buddhism as to any other single item.

Now, this fellow has been committing overts‑you know, that one‑the old one about „tend to become what you resist.“ Well, let’s clarify that and put it with more truth. One certainly will become that eventually which he has overts on, if he obsessively continues overts against a certain target and goes the whole gamut. He’s been shooting penguins. That’s the only thing he really does well. He shoots penguins, he shoots penguins, and he shoots pen­guins. And one day you pick him up, and he says, „I’m a penguin.“

Now, he actually hasn’t just directly interiorized into the penguin by the overt. Actually he has, through overts, has individuated from (because of the withholds he has from them and so forth) he’s individuated from the pen­guins and become more and more individual. He is himself and penguins are penguins, you see. And more and more, more and more individuated, and then his wheels start to skid. See, he’s got this rubber band now stretched as far away from penguins as he can get it stretched, and his efforts now to stretch it actually contract it. And every time he tries harder not to be a penguin, he skids a little bit forward to become slightly more a penguin. You see that whole cycle? That’s a very interesting cycle.

Now, there’d be money all over the place, as far as I can see. And in the Central Organization‑just looking a little bit further ahead than that ­there’ll be a political officer. You want to know what happens when you clear everybody in that neighborhood, the only thing that center can become used for is a political center. Because by the time you’ve done all this, you are the government and you’ll never be able to refuse it.