A Very Special Father’s Day

Four years ago today we reconnected our family and forever left Scientology. In 2002 I convinced my wife and two kids that we should join the Sea Org, we would quit our jobs, sell the house and cars and just about everything else we owned. At the time we were hard-core clams and much of our free time was helping at Los Gatos Org or on course.

Eventually everyone decided to join and we headed down to PAC to begin our billion year life in the SO. Things did not start out too well and the things promised to us by the recruiters were soon found out to be just plain lies, (or acceptable truths in Scio-speak). They wanted to split us up and this was made clear that we would not allow this, particularly since our daughter was only about 14 at the time. This caused quite a flap but my daughter stood firm in not accepting a posting elsewhere and as a result was put back on the EPF and kept there for perhaps 7 months. Partially as punishment and also so a “coin” could be found to exchange her with.

Things just went from bad to worse from there and at some point I will share other aspects of my story so I am going to fast forward some a bit.