Scientologists planning a cruise: Don’t forget your Protective Asbestos Suit

On May, 30 I reported about a cruise ship known as the “MV Freewinds” that was laced with blue asbestos throughout the ship. In the article, I closed with an official response from the Scientology people that said, “Inspections done on April 15, 2008 and April 28, 2008 again confirmed that the air quality is safe, in accordance with the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. And the U.S. Clean Air Act.”

Before moving on it’s important to get one thing straight; they are Lying! Not only are they lying now but they knowingly sent loyalists and hopeful converts to a contaminated ship for over 15 years.

Why, you may ask yourself, did they do this? How, you may ask yourself, could they do this? It’s easy; the bottom line is the bottom dollar and they’ve raking it in by the truckload. Ok, not literally by the truckload but they did need to remove truckloads of blue asbestos from the ship and dump it off at the Selikor landfill site at Malpais. That, my friends , is absolutely reckless and disgusting.

Scientologists were not scared because instead of trying to meet health code standards, they decided they’d rather cling to cruise ships and religion. Or is that guns and religion? Or is that asbestos and religion? Wait, I got it, they decided to cling to their religion, which in turn would bring them truckloads of cash—all the while deadly blue asbestos clung to the cruise ship.