THANK YOU! Message from the horses mouth….

Hi guys…

I havent had a chance to read any of the messages here, and may not for a day or so…. so please apologise. Im wrecked, but free.

Ok – so where shall I start?

8:30am, I get a knock on the door. I answer in my boxers, and find 4 police outside asking me by name. They invite themselves, tell me I am under arrest for assault and proceed to search my flat. I ask them what they are searching for, and they mention video, so I give them all 21 cult watch tapes and my camcorder. They also notice cannabis in my flat….. 😦

They were here for an hour or two…. They took all cannabis that they could fine (a lot – mostly trimmings and wastage that I was going to use for cream)…. I cooperated with the police 100%, and willingly showed them where everything was.

What they took:

1 camcorder.
21 tapes (all the cultwatch masters….) 😦
My beloved vapureyes vapouriser
My 250W lighting system and electronic timer
One huge sack load of wastage trim (that I was going to use to mass produce cream)
The remains of 4 plants (long since stripped of anything smokable)
1/2 oz or thereabouts of smokeable White Widow trim (top leaves and budlets)
Various little bags and pots of crap phosphorous weed (unsmokeable, unuseable)( that I forgot was there.
All my ziplock bags
All the silver foil in my growroom, as well as any leaves they saw on the floor.

Anyway… I was arrested (but not handcuffed), taken into the van, and driven to the police station at 9.30ish…. I was booked in, and chucked in a bare cell (just toilet and matress… nothing to read, nothing to see). Apart from the fingerprinting/dna and interview, I was in there until 9.00am today….

I was only fed once (pastie and a cup of tea)…. I was denied making a phonecall for a few hours (when I needed to speak to someone who I knew would be home)… I was also denied a duty solicitor that evening when I wanted to ask questions about the case (being told “You’ll see him tomorrow”). When desperate for water (I was relapsing and had a ‘fever’ of sorts), they refused answering the intercom for 1.5 hours… and I had to result to banging on the cell door with my walking stick and screaming through the gap until someone answered. I was also not offered any washing facilities…..[continues]