Plymouth Stu Wyatt fairgamed (arrested)

Stu was arrested at home this morning for assulting Sandra on June 3rd I have been told by his flat mate. As is typical in such situations we have not been able to contact him and the police will not tell us what is happening or when he will get out.

We believe we know how the assult charge arose however we do not wish to give anything away at this stage.

They have seized all of his video equipment and tapes etc.

To my knowledge this is the first example of hard fairgaming since the protests began in Feb, a testiment to just how much of thorn in Co$’s side Stu was becoming. I would expect Stu would want the protests to go on without him.

Anyone who was in contact with Stu related to either this weekend or this evening (timing eh?) please PM me for updates and I will try to take up any slack. Unfortunately I will not be able to respond to PMs until after 6pm.

I can also be reached on the cult watch number: 0785-3016084.

I appreciate their may be some well wishers. By the time I will be able to pass on your wishes Stu will be back with us. I have no further information at this time.

Plymouth and other anons who were intending to come this weekend, please make an extra effort, we cannot be seen to back off. Rather we need to be extra vigilant with respect to the law and ensure we do not put a foot wrong.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY THREATENING CALLS TO THE ORG. Stu would not want this as he saw them as victims too.

Note: Stu Wyatt is an anti-Scientology campaigner based in Plymouth, who holds regular “Cult Watch” protests alone and with others. Videos of Plymouth protests can be found on YouTube here.