Seattle Scilon Assaults Protester

An Anonymous protester was assaulted today by a Member of the Seattle Org during a mini-raid. No video of the event was recorded, however, all events prior are. Police were called and the Anonymous members were told that they were at fault for videotaping without consent and harassment, which is illegal according to the responding officer.

The protester in question was participating in a flash protest with 2 other members of Seattle Anonymous when a Scientologist approached the picket and asked if they were filming. After this conversation ends, the Scientologist returned to his truck, and waited for 10 to 15 minutes, talking on his cellphone. He then exited the car and informed the protesters that he was going to leave as soon as “traffic cleared up.” The assault began when an Anon then said that there wasn’t any traffic, to which the Scientologist started yelling and began hitting the Anon and attempting to steal his camera.

At this point, the other Anon called the police while the other turned off the camera and attempted to help the assaulted man. Police later arrived on the scene, spoke to the scientologist and informed the assaulted Anon that he was “getting off easy” for the crime of videotaping people in public.

(Article contains videos, tho unfortunately not of the incident itself.)