Scientology Narconon Article “Published” in “Journal”

I recently was made aware of an “study” that was published in a journal called Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy that makes articles available online on Scientology’s Narconon program:

Since the study had a number of flaws and claims that seem to me to be unwarranted from the data, I looked into the journal further. I found that they had also published a highly laudatory article on the discredited drug program DARE (it was about its organizational structure and dissemination but the article implied it is evidence-based when it is anything but according to the findings of a review). Then, when I checked the author guidelines, I found out that they charge a hefty “article processing charge” to publish. It appears that the journal is publishing articles for a fee and that some of them, in my opinion based on what I read, would very likely not survive peer review at a more reputable journal that did not charge authors (please note that this is my own opinion and judgment call, which I have every right to express). I have never had to pay one cent to publish in any of the reputable journals I have published in and am not sure why such a hefty fee was charged.