Is Church of Scientology ‘fair game’ policy alive and well?

Ever since these [Fair Game] policies were written critics of the Church of Scientology have been using Hubbard’s own words as ammunition against the Church.

But this policy of “Fair Game” was written in the late 1960’s and certainly couldn’t be a church policy in the year 2008? Or could it?

In May of 2008, the internet group known as “Anonymous” held their fifth global protest against the Church of Scientology and they named this protest “Operation Fair Game: Stop”…

What made this protest different from the others was that “Anonymous” had gained a new ally in their war with Scientology, this new ally just happened to be a former C.I.A Operative and decorated veteran of the cold war, Boris Korczak.Mr. Korczak, a Polish-Lithuanian refugee worked for the C.I.A in the 1970’s until he was exposed under mysterious circumstances in 1979. Causing him to flee to the United States where he was promptly shot by an assassin; Korczak survived the shooting.

Initially, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa took up Korczak’s case and went on the record on numerous talk shows imploring the U.S. Government to pay Boris the money that was owed to him for his time in the C.I.A and services to the United States of America.

Fearing that there might be another attempt to finish him off, Korczak went on the News and Talk-Show circuit in the 1980’s, believing that if he were a public figure that nobody would be foolish enough to try to repeat any attempts on his life.

On April 20, 2008 Boris posted a video which detailed some of his work in the C.I.A but primarily focused on his Scientologist Case Officer who was desperate to recruit him into Scientology.

Ironically enough, or maybe not so ironically, Korczak’s case officer was attempting to recruit Korczak during the same period of time that the Church of Scientology was being prosecuted for “Operation Snow White”, which was the largest infiltration of the U.S. Government to date.