Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International hosted hate crimes conference

Over 100 law enforcement and government officials, clergy and educators attended an interfaith conference in May at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood to address the growing problem of Internet hate crime and to see how they can work together to improve Internet safety and security.

A panel of leading experts shared their insights, professional experience and concern over how the Internet and advanced cell phones are used to perpetrate civil rights abuses, hate crimes, terrorism, fraud, identity theft, sex slavery, terrorism and pedophilia.

Internet technologists explained how the Internet is structured and used as the base for attack and as shelter to maintain anonymity, while
millions of users are vulnerable at any given moment when logged on. Even big
business and governments constantly battle with intruders attempting “break in” to steal money, assets, or valuable information.

Note: this article lists the following individuals as being present at the meeting:

– Bishop Ted Frazier, President of the Faith-Based Coalition of the San Francisco Bay Area
– Deputy Chief LAPD Michael Downing
– Brad Dacus, the President of the Pacific Justice Institute
– Detective Chris Keeling of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept Gang & Hate Crimes Investigation Unit
– Mr. Andrew Duggan, President & CEO of Dynamic Energy Capital Inc
– Mr. Ryan Sherstobitoff of Panda Security and Mr. Bob Lotter the CEO of eAgency
– Dr. Edward Nasioki of the World Missionary Fellowship
– Ms. Shazia Kamal of the Muslim Public Affairs Council
– Rev. Cecil (Chip) L. Murray

Readers skilled in Google-fu may wish to locate and contact these individuals to see how they feel about being used for a cult’s PR stunt. Particularly readers from LA, given the presence of two representatives of Los Angeles law enforcement.

(Incidentally, the lower rate of updates this week is due to personal commitments but should be back to normal by Monday.)