Mark Bunker Speaks Out About YouTube Reinstatement – Thanks The Many Who Helped

Mark Bunker, whose beard is very wise indeed, posted a new video about his reinstatement and the process which went into that reinstatement. Mark also gave a nice shout out to Victore Flamel, and in the process shows he does NOT read Harry Potter (but I do :).

Victore has been very helpful to me as well, and we are hoping soon that this VIP will be gracing these pages with their writing skills. In the meantime — great job Anonymous and those who’ve been working behind the scenes.

What you are doing is working, and rather quickly. Rumor has is it Kendra Wiseman’s of parents were present for her wedding recently, and man, that’s huge. Disconnection is one of the most destructive policies perpetuated by the Church of Scientology, and for Kendra’s father (an Exec at CCHR) and mother to be present is a tremendous sign. For pics and Kendra’s story, please visit here.