Enturbulation reports:

Long time no speak! You might like to know, along with some other Anonymous folk, that the CCRH [he means CCHR] are coming to Imperial College London (Exhibition Road) on 1st July to picket against an event that is being held by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, on Imperial’s campus.

(See also the Chanology News report.)

The event in question would appear to be the RCP’s annual conference.

The CCHR is Scientology’s anti-psychiatry front group. While there are valid criticisms to be made of psychiatry, the CCHR’s approach relies largely on misinformation and deception, criticising approaches which are no longer used (such as 1920s style Electro-Consulsive Therapy – while ECT is still practiced it is in a different form) and misrepresenting history (such as their claim that psychiatrists – or “psychs” – were the true force behind the Holocaust.) The CCHR also acts as introductory fodder for Scientology and, as with their other fronts, is partly an attempt at PR.

As a sidenote: as well as the word “cult,” the cult has apparently requested that signs be removed reading “Scientology Kills.”

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning…