Badische Zeitung: Interview with Ursula Caberta

(Note: this is a translation, the German original can be found here.)

BZ interview: Scientology expert Ursula Caberta strongly criticizes the cult while talking to Badische Zeitung. Her accusation: anti-constitutionality. There would be an acute danger for society.

Since 1992 Ursula Caberta is head of the working group on Scientology at the Hamburg interior department. On wednesday the 58 year old speaks at the historical department store at Freiburg Münsterplatz about the controversial organization, which she thinks to be anti-constitutional and dangerous.

BZ: Miss Caberta, what is your mission at the Hamburg interior department?

Caberta: The goal is to get the maximum amount of internal information on Scientology, so a continous analysis on the organization can be conducted. Besides, we are doing public and educational work and we’re advising and helping victims: family members of Scientologists, companies and institutions that got [into] trouble with Scientologists, people trying to leave Scientology.

BZ: What do those concerned suffer from? Oftentimes, there’s talk about brainwashing.

Caberta: We don’t talk about “brainwashing”, but about “mental programming”. Essentially, these people are being isolated from real life – life outside of Scientology – step by step. For people who are willing to leave it is often very difficult to return to normal life and it may take very long.

BZ: Is it a realistic expectation for Scientology to get banned in germany [“the federal entirety”]?

Caberta: The motion to start bannishment procedures isn’t that old yet [december 2007, the editors]. In case it’s not enough yet, we’ll keep on collecting more material. I’m of the opinion that we got enough, but after all I’m not the person that will finally decide on this. I personally am indeed of the opinion, that there’s no other possibility than a bannishment some day, if you [really] want to stop the danger.