My Girl’s Cult Hell – Anguished Dad Tells of Daughter’s Hell

The Sunday Mail 5th of June 1994 Front Page

. She cries: Get me out
. Sect: She’s a traitor

A heartbroken father begged the world’s biggest cult yesterday: “Let my daughter go.”

And Eddie Forsyth wept when he learned that daughter Christine had been subjected to a nightmare ordeal at the hands of the Scientologists.

A MAIL investigation has discovered that the cult’s “thought police” branded her a traitor for talking to an outsider.

Blond Christine was hauled before a kangaroo court and convicted of “treason”.

Experts believe she would have been sentenced to hard labour, ordered to wear a prison-style boiler suit and fed on beans and rice.

Christine, of Kircaldy, Fife, would then have been “re-programmed” by the cult – founded by American L. Ron Hubbard – until she “redeemed” herself.

Last night Kirkaldy MP Dr Lewis Moonie demanded that Christine, who is married to a Scientologist, be released into the custody of Home Secretary Michael Howard.

The MP said: “Her safety is a matter of utmost concern to her family.”

“If the Church of Scientology have nothing to hide, they will comply without hesitation so she can be interviewed away from their influence.

“It is a grave mistake to allow these people to operate in this country where they are a grave danger to the young and vulnerable.

“I’m appalled by the barbaric behaviour of this cult.”

Eddie added: “We’re really frightened for her.”

John Atack, a former member of the cult – who have a Scottish HQ in Edinburgh – said the Scientologists’ “thought police” are known as the Rehabilitation Project Force. Their victims speak only when spoken to, are fed on scraps and can be “tamed” for up to two years until they accept authority.

He added: “I fear the Scientologists will ‘disappear’ Christine and her husband forever.

“They’ll ship them abroad rather than let them go.

“If anyone WAS allowed to speak to them, the couple will be conditioned to say they are happy even though they are desperate to get out.”