Web Developer Sues Church Of Scientology

Dani Kiernan, a web developer, decided to sue the Church Of Scientology after the church rudely insulted and harassed him by calling him a “terrorist” and “a member of anonymous.” Kiernan stated that at first he supported anonymous, but he himself did not take part in any anonymous protests/activities. Although, ever since he was insulted, he has taken part in the protests.

It all started back in March, when Kiernan called up the church in Clearwater, Florida (Scientology’s headquarters) and asked how the church was coping with anonymous. In the phone conversation, he also told the church about a small website he was constructing regarding the whole Scientology/Anonymous issue. According to the website mission statement, the website was NOT opposing Scientology and did not attack Scientology whatsoever.

“A website for Scientology critics and Scientologists alike, charting the first death of Scientology in 86 and the possible next death/restructuring of the Church of Scientology due to pressure from protests and critics alike”

It was then when the church rudely harassed him and resorted to calling him a “terrorist.” The church also tried to file 3 injunctions against Kiernan and others, describing them as terrorists, in Pinellas District Court. All three injunctions were denied, and one judge laughed them out of court while commenting, “You can’t have an injunction on anonymous, because that could be anyone.” Kiernan took these harassments very personally, he also stated that they were simply not needed.A week after the incident, Kiernan filed a LBA(Letter Before Action) demanding a formal apology within the letter.