Free Online Courses are Changing Lives

Linda Wieland is a writer and editor and a long term staff member of the Church of Scientology International, where she writes for the Scientology Press Office

A recent Gallop poll shows that 47% of Americans are struggling just to get by in life, unable to cope with their problems—an increase of 10% over 2006 figures. It was exactly to help people overcome these kinds of difficulties that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers initiated a program of free online courses that raise ability and self-confidence in more than a dozen important aspects of life.

Volunteer Minister online courses cover every chapter of the Scientology Handbook, based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. By using this service, visitors to the web site can learn to communicate effectively; salvage or improve marriages; raise happy, self-confident children; learn how to learn any subject and build lasting relationships. They also become skilled at overcoming stress, handling upsets, setting and achieving goals, improving their own and others’ honesty and integrity, resolving conflicts, helping people deal with drug problems, and helping people who are ill or injured.

Note: As noted in the author’s section, this was written by a Scientologist.