Group Tackles Substance Abuse among Slovakian Youth

Substance abuse is an important issue in the city of Košice, Slovakia and when members of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers European Cavalcade asked officials in the city what help they needed, they answered immediately – drug education to help youth avoid the tragedy of addiction.

In this city, children as young as 5 years of age start abusing drugs by sniffing glue, so the Volunteer Ministers held drug education lectures in local schools and community centers. These lectures not only gave the children the facts about substance abuse, they also helped them learn how to cope with problems that lead young people to abuse drugs
in the first place. From a chapter of the Scientology Handbook, the youngsters learned about the emotional tone scale. They learned how to tell whom they can trust and who does not have their best interests at heart, and they know now that drugs will not make them happy, no matter how “high” they make them feel in the short run.

Scientology has quite a history in Slovakia. In 2001 rumours circulated that Scientologists had succeeded in infiltrating the Slovakian government. A 2002 article noted that, in shades of the situation in Germany, Scientology was under surveillance by the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS). Meanwhile, Slovakia is home to a surprisingly large number of Scientology missions (link to Scientology site).

Can’t help but wonder if the schools know they’re letting their children be taught lies…