Cancer And Scientology: The Silent Killer

Hi. I’m felinonymous. And I am a breast cancer survivor.


As we fight together against the crimes of Scientology, I would like to share with you a crime that we can too easily miss. The crime of failing to treat, or even have an awareness of, disease that can be managed. Diseases like cancer.

We all know about the presence of blue asbestos on the F(r)eewinds. Many of us, me included, want to do all we can to insure that anyone exposed at least has the choice to be tested and monitored by a doctor. The earlier that a problem is identified, the earlier curative measures can be used successfully. We all want that word out so that people who are at great risk can act to save their own lives.

What we don’t have visibility to is the numbers of Scientologists that die every year because they truly believed that their faith would cure them. That their OT level was going to make the cancer go away. That it couldn’t happen to them.

Gabriella Bramucci thought that when she died of breast cancer. So did Nancy Graham and Sue Mueller.