Anonymous Members Attacked During Protest

Scientology held events worldwide regarding the anniversary of Dianetics on May 17. The Church of Scientology: San Fransisco celebrated Dianetics Day at Hotel 480 in San Fransisco. A fairly small group of 25 anonymous members decided to do a mini protest outside the hotel, where a female anonymous member was assaulted and attacked by an angry woman who denied being a Scientologist, but was seen standing and talking with Scientologists.

Anonymous members held their small picket outside the hotel informing the public about the Church’s corruption and questionable history, fliers were also passed out. These actions had angered the nearby woman causing her to walk up to a peaceful protester’s face and start yelling at her. She also threatened the female anonymous member to throw her down the hill. After calming down, the lady left and headed for her car which was parked about 15 feet away.

A minute later, the lady returned once again yelling and screaming followed by attacking the female protester. The lady grabbed the protester by the throat with one hand and shoved her toward the street with heavy traffic. The female protester managed to break loose while another protester stepped in to protect her. After the fight had broken apart, the police were called up by several protester regarding the situation.