Will Smith Has His Own School

What’s with celebrities starting schools? Will Smith is the latest to start his own private school, but he didn’t go halfway across the world for his, like Oprah.

Will’s New Village Academy is in Calabasas, CA, and to go there, it’ll cost you $12,000 a year! The school will provide a laptop for every child, and an all-organic, low-fat sugar-free menu. Will says he want to revolutionize the public school system.

A look at the school’s website lists the various educational theories to be used. And sure enough, what should appear but:

Study Technology – An educational model developed by L.R. Hubbard, study technology focuses on three principles. First is the use of “mass” (manipulatives and hands-on experiences) to foster understanding – children need to see and feel what they are learning about. Second is the attention to the “gradient,” which ensures sure students master one level before moving on to the next. Third is the “misunderstood word,” in which students master word definitions and are taught not to read past words they don’t know the meanings of in order to understand completely what they are reading and learning. NVA uses study technology as an umbrella methodology woven through the subjects.

Will Smith has been subject to confusion regarding Scientology, as he has a close friendship with Tom Cruise and has allegedly taken part in some Scientology courses, yet claims not to be a Scientologist.