Brought to our attention via The Frame Problem:

UK Blogger “Ken,” of, wrote an entry commenting on the recent actions of the City of London police in issuing a summons to a protestor for using the word “cult.” The post consists of the text of a post to with the following comment:

Since when was it illegal to say something is a ‘Cult’? I think this is ridiculous on the part of the London City Police. This stinks of Scientology interference, shame on them!

Pretty soon the blogger was on the receiving end of a series of complaints, as detailed here:

A few hours after I posted the previous entry, I get an email from my host (1&1 Internet) stating the following:

Dear *******, (Customer ID: ******) Thank you for continuing to use 1&1 Internet. We sincerely apologize for contacting you regarding this matter, but multiple complaints have been directed to us regarding a recent entry on your site Right Where You Are Sitting Now! – Exploring the Underground and Counterculture…so you don\’t have to! Please call us re: at your earliest convieniance (lol they can’t spell) quoting your customer reference number ********. In the meantime, if you would consider temporarily removing the entry, we would appreciate it.

so I call them, and low and behold, the ‘recent entry’ is my coverage of the ENG court summons. I then asked them if they could name the the complainer’s and what their beef was. Apparantly the complaints all came in in the period of an hour (alarm bells, amirite?) and only two of complainer’s left their names, one was a ‘Mark Bunker’ the other was the name of my Mother!!!!