Scientology’s Approach to Mental Illness: How Crazy Can You Get?

Scientology claims to be the authority in the treatment of mental illness. Its desire to clear the planet of psychiatrists is public knowledge. But their own track record in the treatment of mentally ill people is alarming. There are numerous examples of a Scientology family devastated by the direct consequences of its faith.

Elli Perkins, a devout Scientologist and popular member of her community, treated her schizophrenic son Jeremy as recommended by L Ron Hubbard: by isolation and overdosing on vitamins. He stabbed her 77 times and then mercifully forgot what he had done. This not only deprived his family of a much-loved mother but ended his own chances of a normal life. The death of Elli Perkins continues to make headlines but it is not unique. Mentally-disturbed individuals who are deprived of psychiatric medication will repeat this pattern, so long as the cult continues to maintain its mindless opposition to all psychiatric treatment.