Scientology Took His Money and His Life

Eric Rubio thought he would become happy and important in Scientology. Instead the cult left this inadequate and solitary man to starve to death in a foreign country.

Eric Rubio died in Denmark in January 2002, aged 35. He was a simple soul, who found many things in life rather difficult. He had got involved with Scientology ten years earlier when living with his father in Paris and, like many more intelligent people, found it an exciting experience. His mother, another inadequate soul, at first thought that her son had got involved with a religious organization and by the time she knew enough to warn Eric, it was too late. Worse, she was defined as an SP or suppressive (critical) person, and Eric, who had so few resources, had to choose between his mother and the cult. Up to 1991 he continued to work at various jobs in Paris, then in 1992 moved to Denmark to join the Sea Org. His mother found that his few letters seemed to come from a distant person she found difficult to recognize.