Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley Among Celebs Exposed To Cancer-Causing Asbestos From Negligent Church Of Scientology

The Church of Scientology is working overtime to try and cover up their blatant and irresponsible actions of exposing members, including their famous celeb clientele, to blue asbestos for the last 20 years.


Class-action suits a term I’ve heard thrown around when talking about the Church of Scientology. The applications are numerous. We’ve already highlighted a long history of physical, mental and psychological abuse against members within the Church, as well as a collusive nature to obstruct the truth, forcibly keep members hostage and imprisoned, and now, we have direct evidence of thousands of adherents to the faith being knowingly exposed to an extremely toxic and banned substance for at least 21 years.

Here is a list of Celeb Scientologists who’ve taken courses on the Freewinds:

* Chick Corea did the Route to Infinity course and OT VIII in the early 90s.
* Lisa Marie Presley did the Whole Track course in 1989 (as Lisa M. Presley Keough).
* Catherine Bell did the Route to Infinity and Ability Congress courses in 1990 and 2000 respectively.
* Kate Ceberano did the Route to Infinity course in 2001.
* Juliette Lewis did the Route to Infinity and State of Man Congress courses in 1999.
* Amanda Ambrose did the Route to Infinity course in 1989.

Here’s a list of Celebs who AREN’T listed, but may very well have been there for other events, as we know Tom Cruise was for his 40th birthday based on numerous news reports and video footage:

* John Travolta
* Tom Cruise
* Kirstie Alley
* Jenna Elfman
* Nancy Cartwright
* Kelly Preston
* Nicole Kidman
* Giovanni Ribisi
* Chaka Khan
* Isaac Hayes
* Karen Black
* Mario Fenninger

This, of course, is even without going into the numerous “mundane” Scientologists who may have spent months, perhaps years, working and studying on board the SS Asbestos.

And, as reported at, it isn’t even as tho they didn’t know the dangers this susbtance could cause. From none other than LRH himself:



12 September 1984




This society is not very alert or very quick on the uptake with regard to such things: You have the example of asbestos. Forty – five years after the government knew it was causing lung cancer to workers enough environmentalist groups brought on enough pressure to cause it t cease to be used in schoolhouses and in other installations. So there are outcries against toxic substances but it takes a very long time for the machinery of the public to go into action against them. It will be that way with these fragrances. We’re just ahead of the game may be (sic) 45 years. Meanwhile there’s no reason to suffer because of the stuff”. (LRH)