City Fremont Market: The Bat Shit Crazy Category Is Open

It was a nice day yesterday so we headed down to the Fremont Market. We got some cool vintage postcards, a set of Heath salt-and-pepper shakers (a steal at $9!), a pair end tables that had been crudely spray-painted black (they’re for a dark room), and into an argument about some lamps. We’re gay like that.

Anyway, we were strolling along with the kid and eventually came to this vendor…

That, of course, is one of those ubiquitous, yellow Scientology tents.


I’ve sent emails off to the organizers of the Fremont Market. I’ll let you know what I hear back from ‘em.

UPDATE: An official response from the Fremont Market…

We’ve had a few comments besides yours—we had even someone come up and ask if okay to mount a demonstration! The Scientologists snuck in… under the pretense of being ordinary “booksellers”… (casual vendors, not members).

We deferred to heading them off at the desk quietly [in the future] rather than creating a scene on the street after they were set up. But you’re right: Ministries, religious organizations and professional outreach “services” are not what we usually do. Their volunteer “ministry” won’t be here again. We don’t have a religious catagory persay, its been an unspoken policy that we’re usually successful with dealing with at the inquiry stage over the phone, email or the registration desk.

Jon Hegeman