Nicole Kidman Wants Her Teenage Kids OUT Of Scientology

The Globe Magazine is featuring a cover story by none other than NYT best-selling author and filmmaker “His Highness Ian Halperin, about actress Nicole Kidman, her two teenage children Isabella and Connor, whom she adopted while married to actor Tom Cruise.

Perhaps this is why Halperin became mum on the subject of Nicole during my visit to NY to see his film premiere, “His Highness Hollywood.”

Andrew Morton, Ian and I were discussing their two books, comparing similarities on the subject of Scientology, when we brought up Nicole Kidman, Ian suddenly excused himself and disappeared. Apparently he was holding out on us. I clearly need to work on my super-sleuth skillz.

In any case, the Globe’s article reveals Ian met Nicole while working undercover and the two became close enough for her to confide in him her concerns about her ex’s involvement in Scientology and most especially, the decision for their two children to be raised as Scientologists, rather than as Catholics, which both Nicole and Tom were before joining Scientology.