RISE International CIC is a UK-based community interest company founded in 2007 whose team includes five former members of the notorious Children of God/The Family cult. It describes its purpose as follows:

RISE International works to protect children from abuse in cults. We advocate for children’s human rights and support those who seek justice for crimes committed against them as minors in these groups. We work to raise awareness amongst the public, government and charity organizations over the dangers and difficulties children face growing up in cults.

On 10th August RISE in co-operation with Safe Passage International is organising a memorial day for children and adults who have been the victims of cults:

RISE International is planning a worldwide memorial day on August 10, 2008 to commemorate the deaths of children and adults born and/or raised in cults. ‘The Lost Children’ memorial will be held to remember the many second and even third generation children born and/or raised in cults whose lives were cut short through suicide, physical/mental abuse, medical neglect, drug overdose, murder and cultic fighting groups such as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda. RISE International and Safe Passage Foundation are working together to organize this event, which will be held in London, UK; San Diego, California and Gulu, Uganda.

As described at Ex-Scientology Kids and Tax Exempt Child Abuse, the Scientology cult’s treatment of children is beyond repulsive. Not content with forced labour for adults in the Rehabilitation Project Force, L Ron Hubbard created the “Children’s RPF,” in which children who had not lived up to the standards of the Sea Org would be made to carry out physical labour to work off their crimes. Some such “crimes” include self-harm. In addition to this, children are routinely removed from their parents – sometimes for months or years at a time – if said parents are needed elsewhere by the cult.

Cults such as Scientology and the Children of God not only destroy lives, they steal them, in some cases from birth onwards. The work of RISE and other groups like them is invaluable in helping shed light on this abuse.