From the internet archive:

There was a little clamspore running around the org. It was kind of sad to see someone who could have been a regular kid, but who spent his time running around with a bunch of violent, mentally unbalanced cult freaks. The less tiny clam is the one who thought that the picket were just too darned peaceful…

..and went and punched Roland in the face. The blood on Roland’s forehead is two small wounds. Nothing broken, fortunately, but nevertheless not something one relishes.

Roland maintains that the clam came up while Roland was singing and tore Roland’s song sheet from his hands. The clam the proceeded to tear up the song sheet. Roland asked for his sheet back at which point the clam tried to stuff the torn-up sheet down Roland’s shirt. (It’s probably at this point that Roland’s Body Thetans got cleared – let it not be said that clam tech cannot achieve results!)

When Roland pushed the clam away, the clam repeatedly punched Roland in the face (Roland estimates 5-6 times).

To see what all this was (partly) about, have a look at Roland’s Xemu leaflet.

(Link includes photos.)

On a lighter note, from the same archive:

I used up some of my lung power revealing OT III to the children inside
the clam shop. One of them even took a “Scam” flyer inside. So the OTs
came out to talk to me. Because I was the only ex-clam I got the best OT
who was OT V. I explained that I found out about OT III and did not
believe it and webbed it and got my site closed down through threats
from Scientology lawyers. So we at least established that I really did
know all about OT III and the NOTs. This was German guy I was talking
to. Anyhow, in the course of conversation I asked him if *he* had had
gains on the OT levels. Of course, he was forced to say he had. I then
asked him if he had gained OT powers as a result of doing his OT levels.
He said he had. So I then got out a penny, placed it on the palm of my
hand and asked him to lift it using his OT powers…… :o)

Of course he did the wog thing and picked it up out of my hand. I told
him that was cheating and he had to use his OT powers and reminded him
that OT area Operating Thetans that do not need to use bodies. There was
another OT as well who was listening to this and was close as well. I
asked him if he could lift it uysing pure OT powers and with no physical
intervention. You will not believe this. They actually looked at the
penny hopefully as if it might rise. :o)))

So I then offered that I would stop picketing if they lifted the coin
using pure OT powers and Dave and Jens also agreed. We then offered to
stop picketing the whole year as well. We also offered to write noce
things about Scientology on the Internet if they could do it. Then one
of the OTs sayed something like that was valuable and I should pay �1000
if they did it. I agreed. Then he daid it should be �3000. I agreed.
Then he said it should be �7000. I agreed again (I have that in my
current account). I agreed on the condition that if they couldn’t lift
it with OT powers that they would pay me the �7000 instead. :o))

Well after that the German guy decided that it was good that we were
picketing and that controversy helped Scientology and he hoped we would
come again.

Oh, those wacky clams.