By the 1980s, L Ron Hubbard was effectively incapable of running his Scientology empire. In hiding from his numerous enemies, both real and imagined, Hubbard was a fugitive and by some accounts losing his mind. David Miscavige stepped in and took effective control of the organisation in what was and is regarded by many as a coup.

Some Scientologists, unhappy with this, released a number of documents on Miscavige, most importantly the following:


…In June 1981, Miscavige – as Chairman of the All Clear Unit – forged a
dispatch purporting to come from LRH. This dispatch removed Diane
Voegerding, the then SO SMO Int and Miscavige’s senior, from post. This was
an act of Mutiny.

David Miscavige was a signatoryof the splinter group RTC on 1 January 1982.
There is no evidence that this group was authorized by LRH. The “legal”
documents transferring Scn Trademarks from LRH to RTC bear a forged
signature, and in fact Miscavige notarized these documents althuogh he was a
party to one side of the “agreement.” Further, re the forged LRH signature,
according to two independent experts, John Swanson and Irmgard Wassard,
Miscavige was a party to this forgery.

No HCOPL exists authorizing RTC. RTC has engaged in the perversion of Scn
practices. Miscavige was personally involved in the gang SecChecking of Jay
Hurwitz, then CO LA Day, at Gilman Hot Springs in October 1982. This
violates HCOB 30Nov78 Confessional Procedure, which states: “If the PC is
not in session, you won’t get the withholds… A wrong or challenging
auditor attitude can throw the scene off as there is a destroyed comm

During October of 1982, Miscavige assaulted John Aczel and Roger Barnes at
Gilman Hot Springs, according to testimony from Jay Hurwitz.


The SP declare came following a Comm Ev (Committee of Evidence) statement, which may be found here.

David doesn’t seem to have lightened up in recent years, as GlossLip reports:

MH: Well, from the time I showed up at Golden Era Productions in 1990, I had been there maybe a few months when I saw David Miscavige physically beat somebody up. And that was in 1990. So it’s not like this just developed over the past five years, there’s a pattern going on.

All the way up until I left in 2005 I’d say that I saw David Miscavige physically strike somebody or slap as you say or punch in the face, I’d say I witnessed myself at least thirty different occasions, myself. And I heard from other people second hand many more instances that occurred. That was the turning point was for me. In late 2004 I was walking through the main factory facility with David Miscavige and I had made a smart-alec comment in response to one of his questions, apparently he’d not had a good day already and my comment was not well received and he proceeded to unload on me.

He punched me in the face at least ten times and my glasses fell off, I was thrown up against a
desk unit, a counter top, and that was the moment right then when I realized I could go no further
down than this, to be beaten by the leader of my so-called church. What else could I do that could
get me in a lower status than that? And I decided that I would strike back. As soon as he saw that in
my eyes, I was grabbed and escorted out of the building and made to take a walk for about an hour
or so. He sent several people off to console me, that he really shouldn’t have done that and he was
really sorry. While I was being escorted out of the room I heard him say to his staffers, “He was
going to hit me back”.

For another look at modern-day Miscavige, Musical Chair – Int Base Style gives an alternately fascinating and horrifying look inside the tyrant’s mind. And more details from the GlossLip interview described above.