The Freewinds is the Church of Scientology’s sea vessel and the only place where OT8 may be delivered. It is also used for publicity events, a celebrity getaway, and various other functions.

It is also dumping waste into Bonaire (its home for part of the year), and has long been believed to contain blue asbestos.

This now appears to be confirmed (alternate link):

WILLEMSTAD: During refurbishing and reparatory work, which involved
removing the ceiling and panelling on cruise ship Freewinds, blue
asbestos was released and ended up in the ventilation system.

Freewinds’ captain did not report this when it’s own personnel were
working on the ship on the Mathey warf in Otrobanda. The Curacao
Drydock Company (CDM), where the ship was taken for reparatory work on the hull, heard from the surveyor that there may be asbestos on the
ship. The captain acknowledged the incident and said that after the
incident Freewinds had some investigation done. Keeping the incident
quiet became more noticeable when it turned out that the 40-year-old
ship contatined blue asbestos.

The question is whether or not the blue asbestos dust, which can cause
cancer, can be removed from the ship. The CDM has stopped all work on
the ship. The ship was sealed and isolated and experts will investigate and measure the presence of asbestos dust in the hull and surrounding areas. Commissioners Eugene Rhuggenaath (Economic Affairs) and Humphrey Davelaar (Public Health) said on Friday.