Scientology Int’l donates books to Cebu City library

Cebu, Philippines (20 April) — Scientology International donated an18-volume limited edition of The BASICS, authored by L. Ron Hubbard to the City Library of Cebu.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers’ International Goodwill Tour donates books to selected libraries all over the world, and the latest addition to the roster of recipients is the Cebu City library located at Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City.

This would not otherwise be noteworthy, were it not for the fact that this report – from the Phillipine Information Agency, an official Phillipines government news source – could have some right out of a Volunteer Ministers’ handbook:

Cebu City Librarian Rosario C. Chua welcomed the goodwill gesture of the Volunteer Ministers to house under her keep the brand new volumes of L. Ron Hubbard’s literary works for the benefit of the students and the reading populace of the Cebu City.


The books contain comprehensive and substantial information on the way to happiness, and the development of human ability and how to handle life at all times.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health which was a bestseller for more than half a century today is written by the founder of Scientology. It is the first book about human mind that has been translated in more than fifty languages.

Hopefully this is simply material copied directly from a CoS press release, rather than a glowing endorsement from the Phillipines government…