Car Accident Caused by Gays, Scientologists Said

Actor Jason Beghe, who’s known from a number of prominent TV roles and who used to be a Scientologist, says the Church of Scientology blamed his gay friend for him almost being killed in a car accident.

Beghe, who’s video appearance about the dangers Scientology went around the world this week, gave an interview to the Village Voice earlier this month about the church’ twisted view on homosexuality:

“Beghe says the proof that Scientology was no longer working for him came when he was almost killed in a car accident. After the L’s, he points out, that shouldn’t happen. ‘A clear isn’t supposed to have a car accident. You’re supposed to be practically immortal.’ To the Scientologists, the accident was an indication that someone was ‘suppressing’ Beghe. So they pulled him in for more interrogation. ‘What about this gay person you’re friends with,’ Beghe says one official asked him, implying that somehow the gay friend was causing Beghe’s clear state to be sabotaged. When Beghe objected, he says the official responded, ‘Well, he’s gay.'”