Recently, Tory “Maggo” Christman, former Scientologist and long-term critic, had her account suspended at YouTube only to have it reinstated without explanation.

They’ve done it again.

This time, it is Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker who has been the victim. As reported by gawker:

The Church of Scientology scored another victory on Google’s YouTube, where administrators suspended the account of the church critic who recently posted a video interview with actor and former Scientologist Jason Beghe. The effect of the suspension is to break embedded copies of the video on sites like Gawker and to help muffle Beghe’s criticism of the cult as financially and emotionally exploitive. At the moment, one other copy of the interview exists on YouTube, uploaded yesterday, but it’s unclear how long that copy will live. After the jump, Gawker’s own copy of the Beghe video, a video posted to YouTube about the account suspension, and comments from a tipster who thinks the suspension will be as temporary as YouTube’s January yanking of Tom Cruise’s Scientology indoctrination video.

The article contains an embedded copy of the video in question.