Richard Stallman is a long-time activist and advocate. His work is most known in relation to GNU (GNU’s Not Unix) and the free software movement; he is also a long-term advocate for civil liberties and against censorship and control of information. Needless to say the Church of Scientology isn’t exactly on his hotlist, and he has long had a link to Operation Clambake on his homepage. This has now been joined by links to Enturbulation and Ex Scientology Kids, while his political notes page has the following update:

17 April 2008 (Protests against the Church of Scientology)

The organization Anonymous is holding repeated protests against the Church of Scientology. This one focused on the Church’s policy of ordering members to discontinue contact with relatives that leave the Church.

Note how the church spokesperson’s response is misleading. She says that she has a relationship with family members. Maybe that is true, but did they leave the church, or did they never join? I am sure that church members are encouraged to continue to talk with their relatives who have never joined the church.

Meanwhile, secret church documents have been leaked, including some that describe how the church punishes people.

Unlike certain gurus we could mention, here at the Temple we are more than happy to give credit where credit’s due; Stallman’s writings on freedom have long been scripture within our hallowed walls, and his support is greatly appreciated.