East Grinstead is the site of Saint Hill Manor, home of L Ron Hubbard for quite some time. This is where many key Scientology doctrines were formulated; its significance is such that one of the key CoS courses is referred to as the Saint Hill Special Briefing. Reportedly, Operating Thetan levels eight and nine will not be released until every Org in the world reaches “Saint Hill size.”

Which makes the following, relayed via Hartley Patterson, all kinds of awesome:

ARSCC(UK) will be picketing in East Grinstead Saturday May 31st. We are in contact with the police and will hopefully be setting up in the High Street from 11 AM.

Saint Hill (UK Scilon HQ) as previously discussed here is a couple of miles outside town and unsuitable for large numbers to protest. The happy fun cult is well known, half of its UK members (and many ex-members!) live nearby, so we will get plenty of interest in town. The CoS has several small establishments in town but nothing major.

Anonymous are of course invited! We are doing this between the main Anonymous events so that Anon from London and Brighton can attend. East Grinstead is an hour by train from London with a half hourly service.

For the moment put this in your diaries and spread the word, we’ll come back with details later.

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