Wikileaks is already following through on its recent promise to release further documents from the Church of Scientology. Already available are the Johannesburg Confessional (“Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another colour?”, asks our auditor), UK tax returns for 2005 and 2006, and the Children’s Security Check (“Have you ever cried when you shouldn’t have?” being the perfect question for 6-12 year olds), among other documents.

The Register reports the following from Wikileaks:

“After reviewing documentation on Scientology’s endless attacks, legal and illegal, on critics ranging from Time Magazine and CNN, which spent over $3 million defending against just one of their suits, to investigative freelancers who have had publishers pulp their books rather than facing litigation costs, we have come to the conclusion that Scientology is not only an abusive cult, but that it aids and abets a general climate of Western media self-censorship, due to the fear of litigation costs,” a representative of the site told us.

“If the West cannot defend its cultural values of free speech and press freedoms against a money making cult like Scientology, it can hardly lecture China and other state abusers of these same values. Such states are quick to proclaim their censorship regime is no mere matter of protecting a cult’s profits, but rather of national security.”