For what it’s worth, contact info is as follows:
Council President:
Chief of Police:

It should be noted that this is not a unique development. In Clearwater, Florida, the Church of Scientology hires large numbers of off-duty policemen (at a higher rate of pay than their police work) to act as their law enforcement, and have allegedly offered other “perks” to certain officers. The result, as detailed in Xenu TV’s Scientology and the Clearwater Police, is a police force willing to harass and mistreat protestors against the cult while turning a blind eye to the Church’s infamous “bull baiting” tactics. Bull baiting is a Scientology practice to provoke people to anger or violence, and can be seen in the Panorama documentary “Scientology and Me” (at the moment where John Sweeney, after being harassed and followed by the cult for days, snaps and screams at his Scientology “handler” Tommy Davis.)

In the UK, the Church of Scientology has attempted to infiltrate the London Metropolitan Police Force, offering free gifts to selected officers such as expensive meals and film premiers; in return, the police have handed out Narconon (the cult’s drug “rehabilitation” front group) materials in schools, and a senior officer attended the opening of a new Church building in London.

The Church of Scientology being granted any influence over law enforcement is a serious problem; its implications for picketing are therefore troubling.

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