The Church of Scientology operates through numerous front groups, from drug (Narconon) and criminal (Criminon) rehabilitation to education (Applied Scholatistics) and anti-psychiatry (the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.)

The CCHR, as detailed elsewhere in this blog, is the Church of Scientology’s front group (which, as any good front group must, includes a number of non-members) for campaigning against perceived human rights abuses in psychiatry. While this may seem a laudable aim, the Church does not aim for psychiatry’s reform, but its absolute destruction. The CCHR is also responsible for the odious Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum and travelling exhibit. Its methods in combatting psychiatry include:
– wild conspiracy theories including “psychs” being the true force behind 9/11
– unsupported allegations against and character assassination of specific psychiatrists
– an endless focus on practices such as lobotomies and electro-shock treatment that are now rarely applied
– claiming that any and all psychiatrists are criminals, rapists, murderers, etc.

Psychiatrists are described as the allies of Xenu in his genocide, and as being a curse on the universe for billions of years.

All of which makes it somewhat curious that Cheshire council not only lists them on its website, but reprints their self-description:

Non-profit, public benefit organisation dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights eg in institutions, by psychiatrists, psychologists or other mental health practitioners.

(Incidentally, since Dianetics is subtitled “The Modern Science of Mental Health”, would the Church be within the Cheshire CCHR’s remit? The mind boggles…)

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