It’s been all action in Birmingham this week. Monday saw the start of Operation Happy Shopper, launched by Anons in Birmingham against the visit of Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, a Church of Scientology museum and travelling exhibit blaming psychiatry for all the evils of the world, up to and including the Holocaust. Unwilling to see their secret financiers exposed to public scrutiny, the Marcab Invasion Fleet* – aka Anonymous – took to the streets with flyers of mass destruction with info on the CoS and its ties to the exhibit as well as the lies contained in the exhibit itself.

Thumbs up, BrumAnon!

This week also saw the announcement of a new Church of Scientology to be opened in Birmingham. The building, estimated at £4.25 million, will be the largest in the UK after Saint Hill Manor, the cult’s UK headquarters.

As a last point, those in Birmingham might be interested to know that Birmingham City Council endorses the Writers of the Future contest, a sci-fi competition run by the Church of Scientology.

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(* Rumour has it that David Miscavige, the rejected Eighth Dwarf currently leading the cult, has claimed Anonymous is variously in the pay of the German intelligence services and/or the psychiatric establishment, and that it is the latest invasion fleet from the Marcab Confederacy)