We like a good laugh down at the temple. As they say, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Sometimes that isn’t an option.

From the Scientology directory:

Bill Franks Transcripts / June 13 2002 – PM session
4 THE COURT: Is “drop the body” — maybe this
5 will help settle this here, is “drop the body” the
6 same as “end cycle”?
8 THE COURT: Okay. So you use those terms
9 interchangeably?
10 THE WITNESS: Yes, I did.
11 THE COURT: Right? The way that I understood
12 you had talked about “drop the body” was situations
13 where somebody was terminal ill, they were dying —

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (20 August 1999)
24. I have personally witnessed executive decisions directed to members instructing them to “end cycle”, i.e., die. I have personally read written instructions by Ray Mithoff concerning the following individuals:

a) Diane Morrison, a personal friend of mine. She had cancer. Radiation treatment is forbidden by Scientology. She was instructed by Ray Mithoff to “end cycle.” Her husband, Shawn Morrison, was ordered by Ray Mithoff to transport her off of the Scientology property at Gilman Hot Springs, California, to her mother’s house so that she would not die on Scientology property.

b) Ted Cormier, a personal friend of mine. He had Parkinson’s disease. He was ordered to leave Gilman Hotsprings and go directly to Flag for NOTS 34, auditing to cure his cancer. When this failed, Ray Mithoff sent him orders in his Pre-Clear folder for him to “end cycle.” He died.

And here’s a discussion from the Operation Clambake Message Board, giving many examples of the policy in action including:

Previously, I had been ordered to do an “End of Cycle” or suicide by
Carol Martiniano of the Office of Special Affairs in September, 1988,
and the first I heard about my EOC order was from two terminals at the
Miami Org: Flag Banking Officer Leona Littler Grimm and Ethics Officer
Frank Thompson.

Leona told me: “Take a short term loss on your current lifetime in
order to get a long term gain on your immortality as a thetan.” Frank
Thompson repeated it.

In January,1989, Jan Logan, the Senior Sea Org Recruiter at the Flag
Land Base promised me that if I carried out the EOC order, I would be
GUARANTEED a set of Class XII Sea Org parents in my next lifetime, who
would boost me up the bridge to Class XII “like a rocket.”

We’ll make you sick, deny you treatment, then order you to kill yourself when you’re too much of a burden or could bring us bad PR.

Welcome to Church.