A few things cross-posted from The Wog Blog (Mark Bunker/XenuTV).

At the Atlanta pickets on the 10th of February, police in full riot gear were deployed. The same happened on 15th March, but this time they got in two arrests:

Second: as reported here, the Church of Scientology attempted to take out an (ultimately unsuccessful) injunction to prevent the picket on 15th March. On the injunction a number of people were mentioned by name along with a list of threatening and/or illegal actions supposedly carried out by Anonymous (many of which, such as the bomb threat videos on YouTube, are believed to be false flag operations). The injunction was thrown out on the grounds that it did not adequately prove the threat to the Church from the protest, or link that threat to the named individuals.

In this tell-all expose, one of the Secret Leaders of Anonymous reveals the dastardly tactics he used to intimidate, terrorise and harass the innocent Churchgoers, by….taking some photos and chatting to kids in masks.

Society is clearly in peril from this menace.


Jenna Miscavige is the neice of David Miscavige, current cult supremo. She left two years ago and recently spoke out against her uncle and the doings of the cult on Inside Edition. Following another interview, this one with ABC’s Nightline, agents of the Office of Special Affairs (Scientology’s KGB) made a visit to her and her parents in the middle of the night. Here is Jenna’s account of the visit.

It looks like she’s off the Christmas card list this year.