The cult’s anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, is about to bring its exhibit Psychiatry: an Industry of Death to Queen’s Square Shopping Centre, West Bromwich, from 31st March to 17th April.

Psychiatry: an Industry of Death is a manifestation of the cult’s paranoid delusions about psychiatry. Among other things it argues that psychiatrists were instrumental in carrying out the Holocaust. This, it must be assumed, was a step down for the psychs after their role in Xenu’s genocide 75 million years ago – after all, the Holocaust is measured in the millions, while Xenu wiped out entire planets. Perhaps they were on a break?

Psychiatry, of course, is not and should not be above criticism. Some of the concerns raised by the CCHR, such as the potential harm resulting from psychiatric medication, are valid. However, the agenda of the CCHR is not to expose human rights abuses within the psychiatric establishment (a laudable goal), but to pursue the deluded fantasy of a drug-addled fascist in attempting to destroy what they see as their main competitor in being an authority on the mind.

As with any front group, the CCHR has successfully brought non-Scientologists into the fold, most prominently noted anti-psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. However, the overall agenda pursued by the CCHR is that of Scientology, and is ultimately destructive.

The 15th saw a large picket of the Scientology building in Birmingham. Here’s hoping they can pull something off for this.